Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ok so I am a horrible blogger.

But really you need to cut me some slack, I never thought I would ever have a reason to be blogging in the first place. So I have to tell you about the appointment on Monday. We got there, and like I figured, we got right in to see the Ultrasound lady, and we had our first look at the little monkey. There was definitely a little blip in there, but it was so tiny that she was unable to give us a due date. Therefore, I go back in two weeks for another u/s and hopefully by then we can see the heartbeat and see more of the little bean. Even though she assured me that it was probably fine, I cannot help but feel nervous about things until I see the heartbeat flashing up on the screen and she can get a good date on our little person in there. The doctor saw me after we sat for a million hours (or so it seemed) and after we had talked with the billing lady about the joy of paying the bills. Good thing we have insurance. I am already on watch for gestational diabetes, and had to have a 1 hour glucose test done, as well as my initial prenatal testing. I have a feeling no matter what I do, I will end up with GD and be higher risk. That however does not mean that I am not trying to follow all the rules and eating (mostly) healthy. My husband was a trooper, and sat with me the whole appointment...even the icky parts..haha. He did blanch a little when I asked him (as he was pacing about in the little room) not to go near the table where they had the pap test things lying out for the doctor. I did not expect him to stay, I was going to have him go out in the waiting area, but he kept rather busy writing down the answers to the questions that we had for the doctor.
It was a long day and by the end of it I was ready to pass out. Thank heavens for a decent night sleep.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Since I said I would do it....

Thats right...I am pregnant. Although most of you all know this, because there are not many people who know about this blog. But I promised to update here and start my pregnancy blogging. I am 6 weeks pregnant today. I have been super tired, and just recently have been feeling sick during the day. J. my hubby is way too excited, and well to be truthful, so am I. This was cycle three in which we were really really hoping to conceive and it happend. Monday is my first appointment and after I go and talk to the doctor, I will post another update.