Saturday, January 31, 2009

21 weeks

Ahh the weekly picture...not really feeling it, but I think this is a very telling picture....this is a very similar outfit to my very first picture I took several weeks ago, and I think it is a bit of a difference from the previous ones I have taken.
Maybe I am starting to look a little pregnant...haha

I got to buy le bebe some cute lil outfits, but to tell you what I bought, might tip you off as to what the sex of the baby is, and I don't want to do that, so you will just have to sit tight until I am ready to divulge the "big secret."

I also think I am starting to feel this baby. For real this time...some really funny swooshing feelings, it is kind of exciting. It is so interesting to feel and see the differences in my body and the miracle that is taking place inside me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The big U/S.

So almost a week after the fact I am getting around to talking about the big U/S. It really was an awesome experience. To be able to see all the things we saw and to hear all the measurements was just a cool thing. During the u/s the tech told us that our lil baby is 13 ounces (89%ile) and everything is measuring right on track, or even a couple of days ahead. My EDD is June 12, but the tech estimated me at June 10th. Josh was so intrigued by the whole thing, and really has astounded me by his uncanny ability to see those u/s pictures as if he was looking at a regular photo.
So baby is doing well...mama on the other blood pressure has been kinda staying somewhat elevated, so I have to do a test to check the protein in my urine for 24 hours. We will see what that says, or if I should be worried about pre-eclampsia. I go back, and will have another u/s in a little less than 4 weeks now, and we shall see what kind of progress is being made with the little one.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My 20 week belly photo.

Ok, this is going to be short. Josh and I are super duper busy, and I had to steal away to get some time to put this up. I promise I will blog more about all the weekend happenings soon. But here it is, my picture. The real reason why everyone is here...LOL

So it is a super cute outfit with pants that stretch into next year...and I am stoked to have it. I think there is a little difference, but maybe because It is a different set of clothes...I am trying to keep consistent with my clothing choices to really help the progression. I don't know if that is actually going to work, but it is worth a shot.
Anyway, I have lots to blog about, our 20 week U/S (sorry...not going to tell the important information...) and my experience at Babies R Us. Yes folks the registry is made...all le bebe gear has been picked out...and I am excited.
But that is for another day. Now I must go swiftly and wash my hair so that I can get to steppin on the errands and fun things we are doing today.
Leave comments, I know there are people watching, so let me know you are there!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I know, I know....

You are just dying to see my 20 week update picture. Well I promise there was one taken, but I was out last night until way past my bed time and did not have a chance to get the picture off the camera. Girls night out was a blast, and I want to say hello and thank you to all my Toledo Nesties who came out and had a good time laughing and joking. Sometimes a gal just needs time like that to unwind without her MIL or FIL or DH for that matter. It was definitely needed!
So look for an update later today, And lots of other things too. This is a busy pregnancy week to blog about!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

19 weeks.

Here it is promised a weekly updated picture of me....not too shabby, at least all the acne I have is mostly on the side of my face turned to the wall...haha

Seriously folks, I don't know if there is much difference from last week to this week, but I thought I should keep up with this. Believe me if I pop out one day you had better believe I will blog about it and everyone in the world will know.
There hasn't been anything monumental going on in my life this week...just the regular aches and pains of pregnancy compounded by the bitter ass cold. To be truthful I was pretty hermetic this week because I didn't want to go out in the frigid weather. I did venture out a couple of times, but was keen to hang about at home, where it was slightly more warm.
I cannot say if I have felt the baby move yet, and some days I think that's ok, and other days I freak out about it a little bit. I know that when I do feel it I will know what it is, so I have been chalking the other slight twinges to gas (haha) or muscle twitches. I will keep you informed of progress on this front as well. I absolutely cannot wait to feel that baby wiggling around inside me.
Well, I think that is all I have for now. I will be sure to blog again soon! Thanks for reading, and leave comments if you do stop by....They make me happy!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Nipple confusion "confusion"

I just had to blog about a conversation I had with my Husband a few days ago.

I had been doing some research into the best bottles for occasional feedings if it is your intention to nurse exclusively. I found a bottle that seemed to be interesting and was trying to describe it to my husband. He was confused as to why a baby who was nursing would need a special kind of bottle or nipple if they were drinking from a bottle. Understandable, he doesn't know about these kinds of things, so I told him about nipple confusion. My husband is a smart man and caught on pretty quickly, so I let it go.

Fast forward to Sunday morning....Josh and I were sitting at home debating about going out and doing some walking around, because we had been snowed in and wanted to get out. So I started telling him about the things I wanted to do. I mentioned that I wanted to go to Target to see if they carried the previously discussed bottles, and he looked at me as if I had just grown two more heads on my shoulders. Suddenly (and I could see the lightbulb flashing over his head) he says to me "oh you mean the ones for nipple jealousy." Well I about pissed my pants from laughing so hard. He thought I had gone insane, because I couldn't even talk enough to tell him that our baby would not have nipple jealousy, but nipple confusion. I have never heard anything more hilarious in my life. Once I calmed down enough to explain to him his mistake, he turned a pretty shade of red and laughed about the whole thing with me all over again.
I love my husband dearly, and while he didn't get it exactly correct, I had to give him points for listening to me ramble on about bottles and the whole shebang.

Friday, January 9, 2009

18 Weeks Pregnant, and some pictures

I swore up and down that I would not do the weekly belly shot, and now I kind of wish I had. However I will start posting some every once in a while... and while I kind of cringe about the thought of willingly posting pictures of my overweight body, I feel as if those of us who would be labeled as "grossly overweight, or obese, or even in my case morbidly obese" do not get to celebrate our pregnancies the way smaller people do. I am not bitching about this, because there is no reason to. I just want to give some other big ladies out there the go ahead to put your pregnant bellies out there....there are plenty of other big pregnant ladies who are searching google images every day to see if there is anyone out there like them. So with that, I will post a couple of pictures of me at 18 weeks.

So there is not a whole lot to see to you all..but to me these are really telling. I can see the definite changes to my tummy and midsection definitely larger.... I am starting to get excited, and I hope that these pictures will give other larger lovely ladies some courage to share in your joy and happiness of being pregnant, whether or not you feel like you look pregnant or not.

That being said, I will leave you with one other picture. This picture was taken of my husband and I either just before or just after I got my positive test. I think that it shows quite the difference in my body. If you followed my blog from the beginning, you know that I had lost 34 pounds or so before I got pregnant. So this was me early pregnancy or pre-pregnancy.

Its 4:03 AM, do you know where your sleep is?

Or better yet, do you know where my sleep is? I woke up at 3, and tossed for 20 minutes, got up to pee, went back to bed and found that there was no way I was getting back to bed. So hey! I thought what better use of my time than to middle of the night nest, check my email, and write a blog. (It seemed like the right thing to do at the time, I am sure in hindsight I will find this was a silly idea).

Anyway, things for me have been ok. Only ok you ask? Well lately I have found that from the hours of 8 to about 11 AM, I am sick. To the point of being hesitant to eat anything for fear of being sick. Usually I get up and get a small breakfast and take my vitamin, but that has been really upsetting my stomach....and it is so much worse than first trimester. I have been more icky feeling now than back then (what I lovingly refer to now as the "good ole days" of my pregnancy. LOL. maybe).

Also, the RLP, or Round Ligament Pain, has finally started in...with a vengeance. Much to my dismay, the comfy chairs in the house are now torture devices. I simply cannot sit comfortably in my fave TV/chilling chair anymore. The effort and issues to remove myself from this chair is too much, and usually leaves me in some distress...LOL. We (and by we I mean my husband) are trying to find a remedy to this possible option, bringing the new recliner down and placing it in the old fave TV watching chairs place for the time being.

I really do not mean for my posts to seem like I am complaining, in fact, I have been getting more and more excited about being pregnant in the past couple of days. I am looking forward to our big U/S in a couple of weeks. I also have noticed that my shape has changed a bit, and while I will still at the end of the day be overweight and pregnant, I have hope that I will eventually look more pregnant than fat, and that makes me happy.

I am now resolving to take pictures of myself, at least one a week...and I am putting them out there for everyone to see....I am overweight, I am pregnant, and I am happy as hell about it. So look for some belly (big belly) shots to come soon! I am also resolving to blog more. I know that there are not many people out there who actually read this, but for those of you who do, I am going to attempt to write more often about my experiences. Someone said a couple of days ago that they always wonder how my pregnancy is going because I never really talk about it. So I am going to make an effort to do so. It is a really exciting and wonderful time for me and my husband and I should celebrate it more, and not worry about what others might think.

Well this blog has simply gone on for too long. If you have made it through, I applaud your efforts and they will be rewarded. One day, not necessarily by me. Good night, or is it morning? I can never figure that out.