Saturday, March 28, 2009

29 weeks

I was a little tired last night so I didn't get a chance to update this until this morning but I have not one, but two pictures for you today. They are both cute, minus again the showing of the bra....hahaha

So last night I had some crazy weird dizziness going on but after I took some time to rest and relax, I felt much better. Things around here are starting to come together, we are working on getting the bedroom (our bedroom) moved upstairs next to the nursery. There are still a few things that have to be moved to our in-laws house and so I have been working on cleaning up and getting those things ready to move.
The baby has been crazy busy keeping me from sleeping with the kicks and punches....which is so awesome and so freaky at the same time. I have been really getting excited about the arrival of the baby, and really wanting to get everything ready. Unfortunately supreme sleepiness and exhaustion have really taken a toll on me. I do try to walk and do my daily errands and whatnot. but more and more I have been finding that I will randomly wake up from impromptu naps on the couch, when I was supposed to be cleaning, or grabbing some lunch.
So I think that is about all that has been going on, Next week will be my 30 week update, and a doctor appointment update...then on to Non-stress tests two times a week until this little bundle arrives!

Friday, March 20, 2009

28 weeks

So I am 28 weeks and here is my picture...

I am feeling great, and have lots to update you all this might be another relatively short post, and then a couple more posts later. I had my appointment yesterday with my doctor. We had a growth scan again, and our baby is growing well, and not too fast, so the doctor was pleased with that progress. We also discussed my lab results from the day before. I had my one hour GTT, and passed it. Boy was she surprised by that. To be truthful, so was I. I am also not anemic, and things are going mostly well. I did however voice some concern about being able to feel the baby all the time, because of my size and the anterior placenta. She was concerned about my higher blood pressure. Because of that, I will have one check up in two weeks, as is standard after 28 weeks, but then two weeks after that, starting my 32 week, I will be going twice a week for NST's. The rest of my appointments will be scheduled for me when I go back in two weeks. I am a little nervous about this, I feel somehow like it is a burden on my family, as we do not have a second vehicle right now. I am relying on my MIL and my mom to take me to appointments.

On to my previous post this afternoon. Josh and I decided to work a little more on the nursery since we were able to get to IKEA this week and pick up the shelves and a rug for the nursery. I love the floating shelves, and my husband did a fantastic job putting them up so they wont fall down. The rug was a new item at IKEA, and I had picked out a green fuzzy rug instead, but the one we decided to get instead was about 20 or so dollars cheaper. I was so happy with it when we were in the store and when I got it home I unrolled it, and it seriously looked black with grey instead of brown and tan (like it was in the store). I realized though that it was just the lighting, and because of the green in there, it was distorting the color. I am still not ecstatic about it, but it will grow on me and it will be a lot easier to clean than the other one. I think the nursery is coming together quite well and I will be excited to see it when we get the changing table in there and finish decorating the walls with some homemade artwork, to be debuted after a little while....since it is name related and some of you out there still don't know what we are I will keep that under wraps until the time is right.

One fast update more later!!!

I just wanted to post a couple of pictures of the nursery since we got a couple more thing done in there. I will post again later with my 28 week pic, an update on the baby and momma from my appointment yesterday, and talk a little more about these pictures too! But I wanted to put them up there for all to see!!! Comments are always long as you are nice!

Friday, March 13, 2009

27 weeks

So today I am 27 weeks...that is third trimester, I am getting very excited about the arrival of my baby. We are planning on spending a good part of next week working on spring cleaning and getting some more things finished for the nursery. On the agenda, curtains for the nursery are to be made, putting up a few shelves, find some better foam and fabric for the rocker, Order the crib mattress online, then basic cleaning and organizing the house. Josh is on vacation and is planning on working on the backyard, cleaning up the stick and other such debris that has been in the yard for the winter. There is a lot on our plate, but as this is the only time Josh has off really until the baby comes, we need to make as much of the time we have as we can. Also since the weather is going to be looking better we are hoping to have the in-laws come over and pick up some more stuff from the house, as we are not completely moved yet.

I have been walking as much as possible and rearranging my habits and daily routine to make for a little more every day activity. Doing laundry every day or every other day, just so that it doesn't seem so overwhelming. I think also that I have been experiencing some Braxton-Hicks contractions, which is a very interesting feeling. I have been having more issues with my sciatic nerve....walking for long periods of time gets to be quite uncomfortable. To be quite truthful, I feel as if I have fallen on my bottom and hurt my tailbone. My OB has assured me that that is normal. LOL. Next week I go for my one hour GTT. That will be an experience. I have been testing my blood sugars before breakfast and then at one hour and two hours after I and large the readings are well within the normal limits. I am cautiously optimistic, however I remain realistic that GD might be something I will have to tackle. My heartburn has subsided for now, but has been replaced by a constantly full feeling. That can be uncomfortable....making me not want to eat but having other symptoms of low blood sugar and knowing that I need nourishment.
The baby movement has increased a bit, but I am still worried that when the time comes for me to start kick counts (next week...AHHH) that I will not be able to feel the baby and that will make me a nervous wreck.
There is soo much to think about and do, it seems like there is not enough time, however I keep being told that I still have so much time. To those people I would like to kindly say "eff off." LOL. Until next time my friends....happy reading!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

26 weeks

Holy moly today I am 26 weeks and 1 day, I now have like 97 days or so to go. That freaked me out. I had a mini crazy session the other day thinking about all the things left to do. Considering that our house is still rather in a shambles because the in-laws have yet to come get their bed and other large furniture out of the house...I feel very unprepared for what is coming in the next few months. I still have to move our bedroom upstairs, to be closer to the nursery, and get the nursery in tip top shape....but to be truthful, that room is about the best and most prepared for the coming baby than any other room in the house. Oh well, I know it will all work out, but I still cannot help those random moments of frustration and insanity.

I have a picture for you all....and a new outfit to show off as well. As the weather gets warmer the long sleeve shirts and pants that I have that fit will be less and less comfy so I decided to try out a new outfit...minus the showing of my bra in the picture I think it is pretty darn cute.
Pretty sweet huh?? and I must say that I think that I am definitely looking pregnant all might disagree, but well thats know what they say about opinions.
All is well on the exercising front, I have been walking and doing stretches as often as I can, and spend a good chunk of my weekends walking at the mall and doing other errands. They keep me pretty busy.
It has been a hectic and stressful week, and I am sure glad that it is over. I shall blog again, but for now, it is time to get a little sleep.