Sunday, July 19, 2009

A serious post.

I want to take some time to discuss Post-partum Depression.....because I haz it. Well at any rate I am dealing with it, with medication and a very attentive and observant husband who watches my mood closely. I must say that I am doing much better than I was a week or two ago.

Backstory: Shortly after Josh was born I developed an infection in my incision. I began treatment twice a day with home nursing, and visits to my doctors at least once a week. Unfortunately the infection is taking a while to clear up, and while I am now using a V.A.C. (Vacuum assisted closure- a machine using negative pressure to clean and stimulate growth in my wound) the whole experience has been overwhelming.

No one expects that things are going to be so difficult, and while my depression is less depressed and sad feelings and more stress and anxiety about my performance as a mother, it is nonetheless scary and frustrating. I want to post this because everyone, including myself, says oh I will never have PPD. I honestly never thought that I would be the one to have to deal with all this. And I know I have done nothing wrong...I am doing my utmost to take care of my child and myself.

Please, please, if you are a new mom and you have overwhelming feelings of any to your doctor. No one should have to feel as if there is not help.