Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just a teaser pic!

I thought I would leave you all a quick picture....from Josh's work shower. It is really cute and pretty fun too!

That is all, perhaps some day I will get more pictures from my other shower and put those up for you to spy too!

Monday, April 27, 2009

NST and 34 weeks tomorrow?!

So today was good, baby did very well with the NST today. We only had a little problem finding the little monkey this time, had very good movements and very good accelerations. What confused me is that I saw the other doctor in the practice today and while the ultrasound tech tells me that my June 12th EDD is right, the have in my chart June 9th....which would make me 34 weeks tomorrow. Color me confused because now I have no idea what date is the correct one..hahaha So heck I might be closer than I originally thought to the end of this journey...only by a couple of days, but hey those couple of days could make a world of difference.
I had my shower for Josh's side of the family on Sunday, and it was a really good time. We had an assortment of salads and cupcakes. My MIL decorated the room in pretty spring colors, and we played a few games. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and everyone managed to tell me how much less like shit I looked yesterday compared to Easter...haha. Granted I was pretty exhausted around that time, but I thought I did a dang good job trying to hide the fact that I was run down and tired on Easter. Apparently it didn't work. I must have been told about a dozen times how much better I looked, and how I looked like I wasn't feeling well a few weeks ago. Hahaha
Anyway, This little monkey better like to eat, because I got enough spoons to feed the baby for a very long time...It seemed that every gift included spoons..the little gummy ended ones, some disposable ones, some little plasticky ones. Got lots of blankets too. This is going to be one bundled up Junebug. We also got tons of onsies, and sleepers, and a couple of outfit. We also received a play mat, and diapers and wipes.Everything was just adorable, and we got some really useful things too. I think I blogged about Josh's work shower last time, but I do want to say again how very grateful I am to his coworkers. They are very wonderful to both Josh and I. It's amazing the generosity of others.
So now I am busy starting a few loads of laundry, cleaning up the bedding set so that I can make up the crib and get the nursery looking in top form for the last baby shower, set for next Saturday. I cannot wait, it will kind of be like an open house as well as a shower, as most of my family have never been to my house. Especially since my in-laws have completely moved out. It is sure to be a most excellent day.
I think for now that is all, but perhaps if I have some time I will put up some pictures of the very adorable clothes and things we received this weekend. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

33 weeks, and fun times!!

Belly pics right away for ya. I am looking pretty good, though my ankles and feet were swollen to the point of painful at the time these were taken.
Things went well on Thursday, I met with the pediatricians group that I think we will be using. Every doctor I met was very nice and extremely kind to take a little time out to visit with me. I got the tour of the office and all of my questions were answered before I had a chance to ask them. I was quite pleased. To top that all off, the office is directly across the parking lot from my OB office. Very convenient I think.
As for my last U/S and NST. Things went well. Baby did very good again with the biophysical profile, and my fluid levels are measuring well. The baby was doing lots and lots of good practice breathing, and moving around....though I didn't need the tech to tell me that. Before I finished up with the ultrasound I asked the lady to find the location of the heart so I could tell the nurse doing my NST where the best place to get a good heart rhythm would be. It worked. Perfectly. The baby didn't swim away, and we got 20 straight minutes of heart tones without one single blip. I immediately bribed baby with lots of new toys if the behavior continued through the rest of my NST' here's to hoping!!
Yesterday I took my last longer trip and spent a day in Ann Arbor, hanging around Josh's work. I am having issues driving comfortably, so spending the day out and about was not really feasible. I did manage to get out to a whole foods and get my free lunch bag I had a coupon for, and some lunch for Josh and I. The primary reason for the trip was a planned shower thrown for us by Josh's coworkers. Let me tell you, it was a fantastic time. Lots of delicious desserts, and some other snacks. They spent a lot of time and effort decorating and making it an enjoyable day. We received a stuffed monkey and a matching blanket to our bedding set...along with a very large gift card to Babies R Us. We were totally astounded by the generosity of the people at his work. I also received some interesting pamphlets from one of the early childhood educators who is on staff with the School District. She organizes things for parents of small children in Washtenaw county and there are lots of resources and booklets on development and things for me to read through. What else was awesome was that Josh's boss, who has been out of work for two weeks for surgery stopped in as a surprise and brought us a gift as well. Two very adorable Detroit Tiger onsies. It was very nice of him, and very thoughtful!
I am sure to have much more to blog about after the weekend, tomorrow is my first family shower, thrown by Josh's mom and her sister. I know it will be a good time! Until then everyone happy reading!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Doin' well..well sort of.

Alright, I am thinking something has got to give on these NST's. Things go sooo smoothly for like 15 minutes, then this little bugger decides that a new place to chill sounds lovely...and proceeds to move away from the monitors. Thus making my time doing NST's even longer. This in turn makes me frustrated and upset, and even though I know it is not my fault, nor is it this little baby, I cannot help but feel like a burden. I hope these get better, because at this point I am feeling really down about twice weekly NST's.
So todays doctors appointment went well, I saw the other doctor in the office today, who is such a sweetie. Honestly I would be happy to see either doctors face on the day this baby decides to make it's entrance into this world. Things looked well from what the doctor said. Thursday will be fun, get to see the baby again. Always the highlight of the week!
One more little thing, I just want to say congrats to Angi who surprised us all and had her baby very quickly this morning. I cannot wait to meet your little one!

Friday, April 17, 2009

32 weeks, second NST.

Thursday was another rough day at the OB. It took 45 uncomfy minutes to find this little bugger on the NST machine. Then another 20 to finally get the readings the doctor wanted....On the good side?? Baby is doing well based on the Biophysical Profile, and is weighing in at approximately 5 lbs. Only measuring about a week and day ahead.

I seem to have lost two lbs since monday (hahah) and my blood pressure was not too elevated, despite my frustration after the NST. DH and I had a talk with this child about being slightly ornery and hopefully we will have better luck at mondays NST.

Here's a nice little pic of me. My bra's really seem to love the limelight, they always sneak into my pictures...hahaha. What a cute tummy....well I say that right now, sometimes I cannot believe how I look. It is very out of my comfort zone to praise the expansion of my waistline. LOL. It is also hard to imagine that housed inside there is a 5 lb little baby....though I can distinctly feel the kicks and wiggles.

And here you go, a couple of pictures of the nursery, as a bonus. First, my finished curtains and the valance. Looks decent for the first time ever making something like this. I really think the valance is just way too cute. Looking at the picture makes me realize that the left panel is not pushed back as far as the right...but we are not looking for perfection now are we??

Next, a second bit of fabric that I turned under to make a rather large receiving blanket, that could double as a floor mat or play mat. DH loved the fabric when we went to pick up some other things from the fabric store so I picked up a yard (at 2.99/yd. not a bad deal) and just turned under the edges, and used hem tape instead of sewing it. It was my practice item to see if the seams would hold on the valances just using that iron on tape stuff. Worked pretty decently I think.

Well that seems to be all the updates I have today, I hope everyone enjoys reading about all the things going on during the last couple months of my pregnancy. I also want to wish my good friend Angi the best of luck as she will be induced on Monday, and will be seeing her little babycakes surprise very very soon!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Update on my first NST.

I had my first NST or non stress test today. It was an experience let me tell you. First of all the office was crazy busy this I am sure it is every monday morning, but I got in and they wrapped the little blue and pink belty things around my belly and have my lie back. There was no way they were finding the heartbeat with me in that position...ok thats cool, I can lay on my side for a little while. Finally they zone in on the baby's heartbeat, and its going strong, but after about what seems like two minutes, this baby started kicking right at the monitor and moved away. Every once in a while the heartbeat would get picked up for a bit, but then move away.
After what seemed like an eternity (but was only 20 minutes) they asked the doctor if I had to continue being hooked up. She said yeah she wanted to see a continuous strip. So to spare my numb left hip we moved me to the other side. Once I did that they had a hard time finding the heartbeat again...and eventually I had to hold the monitor at a very precise angle on my tummy so that it would be picked up. Finally they got a full 20 minutes of monitoring and then I finished up with the rest of the appointment.
Things looked well with the NST, I have another one on thursday as well as an ultrasound. I talked with the doctor about her thoughts on cesarean for me as well as possibly not going full term, and on both instances she does not see an immediate need for me to be concerned. Only if an emergent situation arises would we see something like that happen. So that made me feel much better.
I will be updating more often, so that should make things interesting around here...and I will not forget to add my pictures once a week. Thanks for reading everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

31 weeks

Oh these are so cute!! If I do say so myself. It was time for a change of scenery, so we took these in another nice spot in our house.
So lately I have been having some major pressure in my pelvis and hips. Its not really pleasant. haha. Also I have noticed an increase in leg cramping and muscle cramping. I am trying to drink more water thinking perhaps that I am getting slightly dehydrated, but who really knows. I have still been trying to walk and do all the things I am supposed to be doing to keep myself as healthy as possible.
One other baby related update,I did attend my first baby related class. A nice one night class on the benefits of breastfeeding. I have done lots of reading on the whole process and really did not learn anything new, but it was helpful to see the videos of the different holds and how the proper latch is achieved. The only issue I had with the class was that I was hoping there would be a little more reassuring information on mothers who want to breastfeed but who have, for any reason, a cesarean section. I know that perseverence is the a key to make nursing work, however I cannot help feeling nervous as the days get closer. I also cannot stop the feeling that I will probably have a cesarean. I just want to keep myself in as realistic a mindset as possible. As an overweight woman who is starting to show signs of high blood pressure, the possibility of that outcome is becoming greater and greater. At the end of the day, whatever is necessary for the healthy delivery of my little monkey is the best decision. I would never want to put my own thoughts or desires ahead of the proper and most beneficial delivery option.
Josh is slightly upset ( as am I) that his Daddy Boot Camp class was cancelled. I was really looking forward to him learning the ins and outs of becoming a dad. I guess he will just have to learn as we go. We still have a long long one day birthing class ahead of ourselves....and we will have to see how that goes...
Anyway, that seems to be all I got for updates this week...Monday starts my twice weekly doctors appointments and I am sure there will be lots and lots to tell after that. Until then, happy reading, and as always, comments are gladly accepted, unless you're a douche...then they are just deleted.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

30 weeks, some other updates too!

So technically I am 30 weeks and 1 day, but I am not going to worry about that. I had my last biweekly appointment yesterday, on my birthday, and while my blood pressure was elevated, I am not showing any other symptoms of pre-eclampsia thus far, so doc said I was doing well. We heard the little monkeys heartbeat, going strong at 130 BPM. I also went for a nice walk in the mall, went shopping for a dress for my showers, and had a pretty spiffy birthday in general. I do have pictures, and so I will post a few now.

So DH caught me off guard with the camera on the picture of me in my shower dress....but I absolutely love it. This picture really doesn't do it justice...neither does my white legs and bare feet, but oh well..haha
SO not only did we get a lot of things done yesterday, when we finally made it home from all our running around, the FedEx man had brought our crib mattress....a week early. We ordered it and got an email from the company saying that it was out of stock and back ordered and was not scheduled to ship until next week....but we got it early. and that was soo very exciting! Oh and I have a picture of that too....let me post it here...LOL
Having this makes me feel so much better about everything. I dont know why, but with a mattress, well it just makes it feel so much more like the babys bedroom....a nursery. LOL. Call me weird, but getting this mattress just made my day.
I also went out to the fabric store, I went into a coma and thought that I was Martha and that I could make new cushions for my rocker in there...but the dang foam is soo expensive. LOL. I have to re-think that whole idea too. But while I was there, I found this fabric. It was so inexpensive so I bought a yard of it, and while I think its a little too heavy to make a valance out of, I might just go ahead and make some out of it. Then I will go back later and get another yard to turn under for a receiving blanket.

Squee*** I love this fabric soo very much! Anyway, there was a lot to update this time. Hope you enjoy reading. Please leave comments I love them soo much!!