Saturday, May 30, 2009

We got our Pack & Play.

So I had my heart set on the pack & play that matched the travel system that we received (it was awesome I will have to say) but just a little too expensive...even with our discount coupons and rewards checks and whatnot. Sooo I started looking at other ones. I had picked out one that I could deal with, had almost all the features I wanted and was a heck of a lot cheaper. I finally get Josh on board to get one, we go to Babies R Us and look at it, and of course he starts wandering around looking at the one next to the p&p we were looking at. OMG it was perfect. Slightly more expensive than the one I picked out, but it has a music and vibration thing with MP3 hook up, you can record a ten second snippet of your voice to the thing and it has multiple music options for pre set sounds....sleepy music, playing music, and nature sounds. It also has a canopy with a mobile, a changing table and an organizer to hold diapers and wipes and what not. The techie in Josh sold him on this new pack& play the minute he started pushing the buttons, and I was sold when I noticed that the mobile had monkeys on it, and was green, brown and white.....the colors we did the nursery in.
Unfortunately as we started looking around for the box, to take one home.....they were sold out. I asked someone if they had any more and she told me that they did not, and would not have them for a while but I could be put on the request list, and if they received any in shipment they would call me. Or I could try online...(Of which you cannot find this collection of baby gear yet). So I put my name on the list...but being impatient and hopefully not pregnant for very much longer, I did not want to wait...haha. I decided to call Babies R Us in Ann Arbor. They had 6 in stock, and so yesterday I asked them to hold one for Josh, and he ran over there after work and bought it. He came home and we had a hell of a time getting it put together, but managed finally (with only one outburst from Josh that had me nearly in tears) and I took some pictures for you all to see.

So one other really cute thing is going on today...right as I am typing this blog. Josh is currently attending Daddy Boot Camp at the hospital right now. I really have no idea what he is doing but I do hope it involves teaching him how to change a diaper, and how to swaddle...haha. Though I do think the only reason he actually went was the promise of free swag. Namely a backpack, a can koozie, and "other miscellaneous gifts". I mean really who can go wrong with a class that offers that kind of incentive to attend??? Its like actually getting punch and pie when it is promised to you. LOL. So we shall see what he thinks of the boot camp and I will get back to you on what he learns.

Friday, May 29, 2009

One more thing about being pregnant...

Just FYI, do not stand too close to your ever loving stove while making Ramen. If you are showing, you will invariably burn your tummy at some point on the stove. Just keep this in mind. I wish I had been warned.

I have three very lovely red burn marks on my tummy from the stove....kick ass.


Well after I failed my BPP (J2 just did NOT want to move around at all) they hook me up to the NST, and by the skin of my teeth get three accellerations during the last few minutes of the test. I just barely passed that part. So I am on edge a little bit, but really wondering whats going on, and if I am making progress. After waiting forever for the doctor to come in she checks me (OMFG, that was so not cool) she tells me I am maybe a fingertip but that my cervix is way curled up behind my pubic as of this point, little progress is made.

They did do a growth U/S and he is estimated at 7lbs 15 oz, but who really knows. That is the 77%ile though. I just wish I had more progress...I am getting tired of being pregnant...LOL

Oh, then, they figure out I have no more appointments scheduled, and they should have done this weeks ago. There was no way in knowing when I will go into labor, they should have been scheduled and then cancelled if I didnt need to go in. So I have Mondays appointment scheduled, but Thursday I will probably end up sitting around all morning waiting to be fit in for the ultrasound part of my NST. They are booked solid all morning. I told them do not be surprised if I order in pizza for myself..haha

It has been quite a morning, so to calm me down, DH, MIL and I went for some retail therapy. I helped MIL pick out a baby shower gift, and we bought a couple small odds and ends for the baby...some of those clingy window shade things for the car, some hooks for the back of the stroller, and some batteries for the bouncer and travel swing.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Itty bitty alligators and a diaper cover...

Squee!!! I cannot tell you how excited I was when I went to my mothers house the other day, and my aunt had stopped by with some outfits and side snap shirts for me. My aunt is just a great woman, and is always thinking about others. I loved this little outfit so much that I really had to take a couple of pictures of it for you all to see. That diaper cover was just too much! It also came with a little onesie that was striped and had the same alligator on it, soo adorable. I know its not monkeys...but Josh jr. has plenty of monkey outfits to last a while! I am getting super duper anxious about the arrival of our son. I just really want to see him finally. It has been a long 9 (10) months, and the third trimester has seemed never-ending. Heck I am still in it....
Lately walking has become really uncomfortable. People always say its like walking around with a bowling ball between your legs or something, and it is exactly how I feel. Between that and my swelling in my legs and feet. Whoady. But I know it is all worth it. Well I think that is all for now, tomorrow is another big day at the doctors office, a growth ultrasound, bpp, nst, and my first exam to see if I am making any progress to getting to see this little boy! I am sure I will have lots to say tomorrow! Until then...happy reading.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

38 weeks.

This is not the best picture I guess...but I thought I should put one up since I was a huge slacker and never did a 37 week pic. Oh well...I am getting down to the end, and my head is just not working right...I had an NST in the labor and delivery department at St. V's and things went fantastically. I even saw a teeny braxton hicks contraction on the tracing...which I haven't seen before. That was too exciting.
Today Josh has a very big big training going on at work that he has to be at for the day, but after today we are on the "get this baby out" bandwagon....I would prefer to go early by myself than to be induced next week. If nothing happens and I go into the week of my actual due date, well I will be sad but it will be ok. My OB will be going on vacation. Probably mentioned that, but it makes me sad that the doctor that I have seen almost every appointment since before I got pregnant may not be the person who will deliver our baby. I know I know, I should have known that would happen, but it still makes me kind of sad...haha
I found a pack and play that I LOVE, and of course, it is not available at Babies R Us. I put my name in for one when they get more in a shipment, but of course, they have no idea when they will get more frustrating. It will be nice to have a small baby station in the downstairs for when the weather is really hot, because the lower level of our house is much much cooler than the upper level.
Anyway, that is all for now, I will be sure to keep everyone updated on whats going on, as we wind down and get ready to welcome Joshua Jr!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

37 picture yet.

We had a late night last night and forgot to take pictures...but I will get one up sometime soon. I found out at my last appointment that my OB will be leaving on vacation the week I am due. So I will have an induction the week prior if I am favorable for induction, and if I don't go before then. My blood pressures have been really great, and my NST's have been going well. This is just a small update I will have more later for sure!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Nursery, more pictures!!

Just thought you would like to see the nursery now that I have kind of put it more together. It has become a modge podge of available furniture, but I think it works well. It is not my ideal idea for the nursery, but you make it work. No other real news, still uncomfy. LOL I am sure there will be more to talk about next week!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

36 weeks

So here, on time, are my 36 week pictures!! You can all hold your applause. LOL
I am starting to feel really exhausted and uncomfortable, but I know that we are in the home stretch and soon I will get to see the reward for all the hard work from the past 9 (10) months. Josh Jr. will be here very soon, and Josh and I are feeling pretty excited, overwhelmed, and slightly unprepared.
Monday I had another doctors appointment, NST went well, baby was ridiculously mobile....and has yet to really settle down since (LOL). I also was tested for Group B Strep. Everyone talks about how bad the test is, but seriously it's nothing. I am sure I will find out what the results of that on thursday.
I found out early on that Josh's insurance covered a pump fully, either one personal pump during a lifetime, or covers a rental. I opted for the personal pump going on the idea that more children will be in my future and who knows what time will bring to us....perhaps some job opportunity or going to school, and having a pump at my disposal anytime seemed like the right solution. However, after I received the script from the doctor I took it to a medical supply place, they gave me the run around with it. Today Josh and I went back with the script altered with a diagnosis code by my doctor, armed with the reassurance that it was covered, and no reason why it should not be filled by the med supply place. They tried to give me the run around again, so I told them I spoke to the insurance company and was assured it would be covered, and I could get it before the birth. They were unhappy about having to call and get the info, but they did, and I walked out with an Ameda Purely Yours Double pump with carrying bag. Moral of the story: Know your insurance it can save you money, and be aggressive if you are getting the run-around...Seriously I love it when I am right! Now the hard part, getting the is a good pump but not readily sold at most retail places.
I am getting so excited! (did I mention this already?) My mom took me to a resale shop and bought a travel swing for me. I really wanted a full size, but after thinking about it, a travel swing is really much more appropriate for us. We can take it up and down the stairs, and it will fit in the bathroom, allowing for fast showers. There are only a few more things that I would like to get before little Josh gets here, and I am hoping that we will be able to get them. It may take some thinking and scheming, but I am sure it will happen.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

35 weeks

Here finally is a picture for you all.

I had a doctors appointment this morning and my MIL was 15 minutes late picking me up, then there was an accident on 475, and we got stuck in traffic. I was already kind of worked up about that when I went in to my doctors appointment. The ultrasound tech was running behind schedule. So they take me back for my NST. No big deal, I get all set up and the baby does not respond. I had no accellerations in the heartbeat, no really good movement. So they keep me on for another 20 minutes, make me drink loads of ice water and still nothing. By now I am starting to panic just a little. I was going to have a Biophysical Profile anyway, but I had to wait some more for the tech, and my doctor came in to talk with me. She assured me that she thought the NST looked ok, just needed to be sure with the BPP. So I get in finally to do the ultrasound, and he just did not want to move. She saw all the other indicators the practice breathing and stuff, but he just was not for moving. Finally we jiggled my belly where his feet were and he moved enough for me to pass the dang BPP. I was soo worried something was wrong.
She also did a growth check on him, and he weighs 5lbs. 14oz. He seems to be slowing down in the growing department, and I think he will be a long baby.
If you haven't noticed I have said he....and I will finally say it in the blog, that Josh and I are expecting Joshua Jr. I am super excited!
I will post another blog about my shower from last weekend, and lots of cute pictures. Until then, happy reading!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am a total slacker.

I know I know there have been very few updates thus far. Its not that I dont want to do them, I am just super busy and always forget to get my picture taken...haha. I am switching my due date ticker to June 9th, so that means I am over 35 weeks as of tuesday. So I will try to get a 35 week picture tonight and post it tomorrow. I also have some really good pictures of my shower on Sunday, and perhaps if I can get things organized, a picture of the nursery more completed. Things are looking good for us. We were able to go out and get some more things that I felt were kind of necessities for the baby. More onesies and sleepers. I would like to get a couple more little outfits, but I am feeling that those things will be secondary until we get a good handle on the basic baby care stuff.
I promise to update again tomorrow, I have another doctors appointment and I will fill in with that stuff look for another update of some sort tomorrow!!