Thursday, December 15, 2011

More elf insanity.

So when I decided to do this elf contest it was for a very specific reason. I need that iPad2. Not for me, but for Monk (not his real name), and his therapy. About 10 months ago my world came crashing down when we were given the diagnosis of Autism for our 20 month old son. Since then with therapy and intervention he is doing a lot of signing and his ability to interact with others has improved tremendously. During his therapy sessions he has the opportunity to use an iPad to use apps that are specifically designed to motivate kids on the spectrum to learn skills and have fun. Having one at home would be a great tool for his continued improvement. If he never speaks the iPad can also help with communication as there are apps that allow him to point to things he wants or what he wants to convey to others. It is my understanding that he will eventually learn to talk, but maybe not in a typical way.

Anyway, I took a lot of pictures of Holly and while some were just not good, some turned out well and I had a hard time making a choice. In the end the picture we submitted was used because it was pretty focused. I have some others to share with you now. These are raw images, without any editing.

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