Friday, July 18, 2008

Contemplating this Life.

As I sit and watch my new DVD of "Sword in the Stone" I started to contemplate what my life would be like if I were not a newlywed....and moreover, what it would be like if I had not met Josh in the first place. Four years ago I was suffering a slight depression, a general feeling of disdain for the direction in which my life was going. Oh I was happy enough, missed my dad every day since he passed in 2001, but I was poor, lonely, and trying to find out who I was. I wasn't looking for a relationship, I was really pretty content to think that I would never date anyone, always be alone, watch my sisters get married and have children....Spend every summer watching Gidget and Anne of Green Gables, like every other summer since I had turned 16. Funny how things happen I guess, but when I least expect it, Bam! there he was, the love of my life...So what would be going on if I had not met him and got married....I probably wouldn't be busting my ass to lose weight, try to get healthy so that I can get pregnant, I would probably be wasting my time, working in a job that I hated (quit that job months ago, if only I had been able to see into the future). Wouldn't be getting ready to move to Michigan and start my life...

I would have to say that I am so happy about how my life has turned out thus far. I have a man in my life that loves and cares for me, who would do anything for me, and wants to protect me. He has opened my life to so many exciting possibilities, and I am grateful for this life.

I do want to AW, I weighed myself today, and since I began working out and living a low carb lifestyle, I have lost 21 pounds and 14 inches from my body. It has been 6 weeks and I am proud of that accomplishment.

I suppose that you never know what will happen in your life, but the best you can do is hold on and prepare for that exciting ride.

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