Monday, July 28, 2008

So I have to AW!

I have hit the 25 pound loss mark. I have been working my butt off, going to the gym, even when I didn't want to. Skipping desserts, eating the right things, and it is working!!! I really am so very proud. It is not easy to eat right when everyone else in your home eats everything you used to love. There isn't a dinner that doesn't include a side dish I am not to eat. My will power has just been amazing. I just want soo bad to be healthy and to have babies, and I think it just might happen.

I am also 9 DPO, and probably will test at 12 DPO. That might be too early but I have an OB weight check appointment, and I am unsure about what to do. Will they test me if I ask?? I am just not sure, so I have a $Tree test hid away for just such an occasion. Our timing was really great and I just cannot wait to know for sure if we were successful.

I just wanted to AW here, I am sure the nestie girls are getting sick of my incessant postings.....LOL

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