Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another doctor appointment today!

Today I had another appointment with the OB. I was seeing another doctor in the practice because my doctor was on vacation. I was a little nervous...I had never seen any other doctor besides my own, but she was awesomely wonderful. She answered all my questions and gave me some ideas to help with my sinus congestion. She tried to find le bebe's heartbeat with a doppler, but it was a no go....which means another u/s for me!! I lie down on the table and the tech starts the u/s. Every time she would move the wand over my tummy and press down to get a good picture of the baby, s/he would kick and wiggle and spin away. It was like there was a "no pictures please" sign in there. The little one is becoming more like me all the time, definitely camera shy. I was doing all I could not to crack up...and now I am counting down the time to where I can feel those kicks and moves. I got my next appointment scheduled, and the big u/s scheduled....I cannot wait for January!! Going to be sooo exciting!

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