Wednesday, June 10, 2009

40+ weeks, maybe a picture later.

Ok little monkey, we are really really excited for you to come, (Even though I am scared out of my mind for labor and delivery) so you can make your hasty escape at any time now. We even have a hat for you to wear when the redwings win the Stanley Cup on Thursday. So bring it on little one.....the eviction is friday by force, but we would LOVE to see you early. Really really love it. Like a way lot.
Anyway, not much going on, I am just waiting. Perhaps if I can swing it I will get a picture up. My last few appointments have been painful and disappointing, very little progress, and a decision to start inducing on Thursday if I do not go into labor before then. I was really hoping to deliver on Thursday but it probably will not happen. Josh's birthday is Thursday and he would absolutely love to have his son in his arms that day, but we will see. It would get me out of buying him a birthday gift too. LMAO.
I will probably not post much until after he is here, but I promise to post a pic and story when I get the chance!

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Jessica said...

Good luck with everything! You will completely understand love at first sight once you meet your little bundle!