Wednesday, June 3, 2009

39 weeks, probably not posting a picture...haha

I am tired, sore, and ready to have this baby. We are trying everything....I really wanted my doc to be there, but we have had no progress this week either. I go back tomorrow for another NST, BPP, and she will probably check me one last time, but then thats it. After that I will probably just wait him out....haha. Today would be the perfect day....It is Josh's birth month, my birth day (April 3) and when you add them together it equals the year. I think this was my day I really wanted. Who knows what will happen, but I am not going to be too sad if he doesn't make his appearance quite yet. I get to go baby clothes shopping tomorrow if I am not in labor by then....this makes a world of difference to my attitude...haha
Anyway, I am just (not really) patiently waiting for Joshua Jr. to decide he is ready to be an outside baby. I tell him every day to hurry it along, cause lots of people are waiting to meet him.

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