Friday, March 13, 2009

27 weeks

So today I am 27 weeks...that is third trimester, I am getting very excited about the arrival of my baby. We are planning on spending a good part of next week working on spring cleaning and getting some more things finished for the nursery. On the agenda, curtains for the nursery are to be made, putting up a few shelves, find some better foam and fabric for the rocker, Order the crib mattress online, then basic cleaning and organizing the house. Josh is on vacation and is planning on working on the backyard, cleaning up the stick and other such debris that has been in the yard for the winter. There is a lot on our plate, but as this is the only time Josh has off really until the baby comes, we need to make as much of the time we have as we can. Also since the weather is going to be looking better we are hoping to have the in-laws come over and pick up some more stuff from the house, as we are not completely moved yet.

I have been walking as much as possible and rearranging my habits and daily routine to make for a little more every day activity. Doing laundry every day or every other day, just so that it doesn't seem so overwhelming. I think also that I have been experiencing some Braxton-Hicks contractions, which is a very interesting feeling. I have been having more issues with my sciatic nerve....walking for long periods of time gets to be quite uncomfortable. To be quite truthful, I feel as if I have fallen on my bottom and hurt my tailbone. My OB has assured me that that is normal. LOL. Next week I go for my one hour GTT. That will be an experience. I have been testing my blood sugars before breakfast and then at one hour and two hours after I and large the readings are well within the normal limits. I am cautiously optimistic, however I remain realistic that GD might be something I will have to tackle. My heartburn has subsided for now, but has been replaced by a constantly full feeling. That can be uncomfortable....making me not want to eat but having other symptoms of low blood sugar and knowing that I need nourishment.
The baby movement has increased a bit, but I am still worried that when the time comes for me to start kick counts (next week...AHHH) that I will not be able to feel the baby and that will make me a nervous wreck.
There is soo much to think about and do, it seems like there is not enough time, however I keep being told that I still have so much time. To those people I would like to kindly say "eff off." LOL. Until next time my friends....happy reading!

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Troy & Amy said...

You'll be ready girl! It looks like you're getting pretty close to already being ready now!