Monday, January 12, 2009

Nipple confusion "confusion"

I just had to blog about a conversation I had with my Husband a few days ago.

I had been doing some research into the best bottles for occasional feedings if it is your intention to nurse exclusively. I found a bottle that seemed to be interesting and was trying to describe it to my husband. He was confused as to why a baby who was nursing would need a special kind of bottle or nipple if they were drinking from a bottle. Understandable, he doesn't know about these kinds of things, so I told him about nipple confusion. My husband is a smart man and caught on pretty quickly, so I let it go.

Fast forward to Sunday morning....Josh and I were sitting at home debating about going out and doing some walking around, because we had been snowed in and wanted to get out. So I started telling him about the things I wanted to do. I mentioned that I wanted to go to Target to see if they carried the previously discussed bottles, and he looked at me as if I had just grown two more heads on my shoulders. Suddenly (and I could see the lightbulb flashing over his head) he says to me "oh you mean the ones for nipple jealousy." Well I about pissed my pants from laughing so hard. He thought I had gone insane, because I couldn't even talk enough to tell him that our baby would not have nipple jealousy, but nipple confusion. I have never heard anything more hilarious in my life. Once I calmed down enough to explain to him his mistake, he turned a pretty shade of red and laughed about the whole thing with me all over again.
I love my husband dearly, and while he didn't get it exactly correct, I had to give him points for listening to me ramble on about bottles and the whole shebang.

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Ari&Matt08 said...

A girl on another board I'm on has been through like EVERY bottle, every brand, every style trying to find the perfect fit for her son. i can pass on her thoughts and reviews to you if you like! :)