Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The big U/S.

So almost a week after the fact I am getting around to talking about the big U/S. It really was an awesome experience. To be able to see all the things we saw and to hear all the measurements was just a cool thing. During the u/s the tech told us that our lil baby is 13 ounces (89%ile) and everything is measuring right on track, or even a couple of days ahead. My EDD is June 12, but the tech estimated me at June 10th. Josh was so intrigued by the whole thing, and really has astounded me by his uncanny ability to see those u/s pictures as if he was looking at a regular photo.
So baby is doing well...mama on the other blood pressure has been kinda staying somewhat elevated, so I have to do a test to check the protein in my urine for 24 hours. We will see what that says, or if I should be worried about pre-eclampsia. I go back, and will have another u/s in a little less than 4 weeks now, and we shall see what kind of progress is being made with the little one.

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