Sunday, February 8, 2009

22 weeks and work on the nursery!

So Josh is working on getting the border of the wall in the nursery, and while it seems to be going well it is hard backbreaking work. A word to the wise, do not put up bulletin board border with wallpaper does not come off as easily as you would suppose. Because of the chemical smell of the DIF, I am not able to help too much, especially because as of late I have been having pretty yucky dizziness issues. Also by this point, I feel heavy and full in my tummy area all the time. It is kind of uncomfortable. But now I know I am feeling the baby wiggle around in there, and that makes it all much more worth it. It was awesome too that Josh felt the baby moving. One night as we were getting ready to sleep, he turned to hold me and placed his hand in just the right spot and started feeling the movement that I was trying to determine was happening. It was just so awesome that I started to cry, I never thought he would feel the baby this early.
We have all the supplies and paint ready to get started working on painting the nursery, which makes things feel more real. I cannot believe that we are beginning to prepare our baby's nursery. It is just a crazy thought, that some day soon, we are going to have a child, crying, pooping, and hopefully at some point sleeping in that room.
So I have a picture for you all, the thing you probably come to find on my blog....this picture is crazy, I will have to say.

I wouldn't sceam "POP" but I might be inclined to whisper it quietly under my breath. We shall see what the coming weeks have to say about my waistline...haha I do not think anything else is new. So until next time, happy reading!

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