Friday, February 27, 2009

25 weeks

Well folks, this one will be short and sweet. Here is my 25 week picture. You all can be the judge. Josh and I are going to take his mom to Ann Arbor tomorrow for the day and do some shopping, and perhaps hit an outlet mall up in Howell, since we didn't get to do that last weekend because of the snow. I am ready to hit the hay, I am seemingly always tired anymore. Perhaps it is my attempt at walking more and exercising more.
Yesterday I did way more than I should have and spent most of the night in pain. I have to keep in mind that there is a very thin line of what is healthy and what is not. It was so bad I took some tylenol before bed, and I try not to take anything if I can help it. Anyhow, I am off to bed. Catch ya all later!

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