Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our crib came!

So its a photo taken from DH's phone, but it will do for right now. The crib came in this afternoon and we decided to run out and pick it up. It was not so hard to put together and I think matches the flooring pretty respectibly. I was soo excited to go out and get it, that I wouldn't even wait until tomorrow after Josh got off work. He was home and I knew my mom wouldn't mind us borrowing the van for a little while. I thought for a minute that the box wasn't going to fit, but it magically slid right in with very little effort.
I really like it, it is simple, but very cute and is a 4 in 1 lifetime crib.
I am sure to have more later about something baby related but I am working on getting back out of the house for my FIL's birthday.

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merin1011 said...

I really like it! Looks great!! :)