Saturday, April 25, 2009

33 weeks, and fun times!!

Belly pics right away for ya. I am looking pretty good, though my ankles and feet were swollen to the point of painful at the time these were taken.
Things went well on Thursday, I met with the pediatricians group that I think we will be using. Every doctor I met was very nice and extremely kind to take a little time out to visit with me. I got the tour of the office and all of my questions were answered before I had a chance to ask them. I was quite pleased. To top that all off, the office is directly across the parking lot from my OB office. Very convenient I think.
As for my last U/S and NST. Things went well. Baby did very good again with the biophysical profile, and my fluid levels are measuring well. The baby was doing lots and lots of good practice breathing, and moving around....though I didn't need the tech to tell me that. Before I finished up with the ultrasound I asked the lady to find the location of the heart so I could tell the nurse doing my NST where the best place to get a good heart rhythm would be. It worked. Perfectly. The baby didn't swim away, and we got 20 straight minutes of heart tones without one single blip. I immediately bribed baby with lots of new toys if the behavior continued through the rest of my NST' here's to hoping!!
Yesterday I took my last longer trip and spent a day in Ann Arbor, hanging around Josh's work. I am having issues driving comfortably, so spending the day out and about was not really feasible. I did manage to get out to a whole foods and get my free lunch bag I had a coupon for, and some lunch for Josh and I. The primary reason for the trip was a planned shower thrown for us by Josh's coworkers. Let me tell you, it was a fantastic time. Lots of delicious desserts, and some other snacks. They spent a lot of time and effort decorating and making it an enjoyable day. We received a stuffed monkey and a matching blanket to our bedding set...along with a very large gift card to Babies R Us. We were totally astounded by the generosity of the people at his work. I also received some interesting pamphlets from one of the early childhood educators who is on staff with the School District. She organizes things for parents of small children in Washtenaw county and there are lots of resources and booklets on development and things for me to read through. What else was awesome was that Josh's boss, who has been out of work for two weeks for surgery stopped in as a surprise and brought us a gift as well. Two very adorable Detroit Tiger onsies. It was very nice of him, and very thoughtful!
I am sure to have much more to blog about after the weekend, tomorrow is my first family shower, thrown by Josh's mom and her sister. I know it will be a good time! Until then everyone happy reading!!

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Jessica said...

Not much longer and you'll join the Mommy Club! So exciting!
Hope the showers brought you, your hubby and your baby lots of wonderful things!