Friday, April 17, 2009

32 weeks, second NST.

Thursday was another rough day at the OB. It took 45 uncomfy minutes to find this little bugger on the NST machine. Then another 20 to finally get the readings the doctor wanted....On the good side?? Baby is doing well based on the Biophysical Profile, and is weighing in at approximately 5 lbs. Only measuring about a week and day ahead.

I seem to have lost two lbs since monday (hahah) and my blood pressure was not too elevated, despite my frustration after the NST. DH and I had a talk with this child about being slightly ornery and hopefully we will have better luck at mondays NST.

Here's a nice little pic of me. My bra's really seem to love the limelight, they always sneak into my pictures...hahaha. What a cute tummy....well I say that right now, sometimes I cannot believe how I look. It is very out of my comfort zone to praise the expansion of my waistline. LOL. It is also hard to imagine that housed inside there is a 5 lb little baby....though I can distinctly feel the kicks and wiggles.

And here you go, a couple of pictures of the nursery, as a bonus. First, my finished curtains and the valance. Looks decent for the first time ever making something like this. I really think the valance is just way too cute. Looking at the picture makes me realize that the left panel is not pushed back as far as the right...but we are not looking for perfection now are we??

Next, a second bit of fabric that I turned under to make a rather large receiving blanket, that could double as a floor mat or play mat. DH loved the fabric when we went to pick up some other things from the fabric store so I picked up a yard (at 2.99/yd. not a bad deal) and just turned under the edges, and used hem tape instead of sewing it. It was my practice item to see if the seams would hold on the valances just using that iron on tape stuff. Worked pretty decently I think.

Well that seems to be all the updates I have today, I hope everyone enjoys reading about all the things going on during the last couple months of my pregnancy. I also want to wish my good friend Angi the best of luck as she will be induced on Monday, and will be seeing her little babycakes surprise very very soon!

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Check out that baby bump!!