Monday, April 13, 2009

Update on my first NST.

I had my first NST or non stress test today. It was an experience let me tell you. First of all the office was crazy busy this I am sure it is every monday morning, but I got in and they wrapped the little blue and pink belty things around my belly and have my lie back. There was no way they were finding the heartbeat with me in that position...ok thats cool, I can lay on my side for a little while. Finally they zone in on the baby's heartbeat, and its going strong, but after about what seems like two minutes, this baby started kicking right at the monitor and moved away. Every once in a while the heartbeat would get picked up for a bit, but then move away.
After what seemed like an eternity (but was only 20 minutes) they asked the doctor if I had to continue being hooked up. She said yeah she wanted to see a continuous strip. So to spare my numb left hip we moved me to the other side. Once I did that they had a hard time finding the heartbeat again...and eventually I had to hold the monitor at a very precise angle on my tummy so that it would be picked up. Finally they got a full 20 minutes of monitoring and then I finished up with the rest of the appointment.
Things looked well with the NST, I have another one on thursday as well as an ultrasound. I talked with the doctor about her thoughts on cesarean for me as well as possibly not going full term, and on both instances she does not see an immediate need for me to be concerned. Only if an emergent situation arises would we see something like that happen. So that made me feel much better.
I will be updating more often, so that should make things interesting around here...and I will not forget to add my pictures once a week. Thanks for reading everyone!

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