Monday, April 27, 2009

NST and 34 weeks tomorrow?!

So today was good, baby did very well with the NST today. We only had a little problem finding the little monkey this time, had very good movements and very good accelerations. What confused me is that I saw the other doctor in the practice today and while the ultrasound tech tells me that my June 12th EDD is right, the have in my chart June 9th....which would make me 34 weeks tomorrow. Color me confused because now I have no idea what date is the correct one..hahaha So heck I might be closer than I originally thought to the end of this journey...only by a couple of days, but hey those couple of days could make a world of difference.
I had my shower for Josh's side of the family on Sunday, and it was a really good time. We had an assortment of salads and cupcakes. My MIL decorated the room in pretty spring colors, and we played a few games. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and everyone managed to tell me how much less like shit I looked yesterday compared to Easter...haha. Granted I was pretty exhausted around that time, but I thought I did a dang good job trying to hide the fact that I was run down and tired on Easter. Apparently it didn't work. I must have been told about a dozen times how much better I looked, and how I looked like I wasn't feeling well a few weeks ago. Hahaha
Anyway, This little monkey better like to eat, because I got enough spoons to feed the baby for a very long time...It seemed that every gift included spoons..the little gummy ended ones, some disposable ones, some little plasticky ones. Got lots of blankets too. This is going to be one bundled up Junebug. We also got tons of onsies, and sleepers, and a couple of outfit. We also received a play mat, and diapers and wipes.Everything was just adorable, and we got some really useful things too. I think I blogged about Josh's work shower last time, but I do want to say again how very grateful I am to his coworkers. They are very wonderful to both Josh and I. It's amazing the generosity of others.
So now I am busy starting a few loads of laundry, cleaning up the bedding set so that I can make up the crib and get the nursery looking in top form for the last baby shower, set for next Saturday. I cannot wait, it will kind of be like an open house as well as a shower, as most of my family have never been to my house. Especially since my in-laws have completely moved out. It is sure to be a most excellent day.
I think for now that is all, but perhaps if I have some time I will put up some pictures of the very adorable clothes and things we received this weekend. Thanks for reading!

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