Tuesday, May 26, 2009

38 weeks.

This is not the best picture I guess...but I thought I should put one up since I was a huge slacker and never did a 37 week pic. Oh well...I am getting down to the end, and my head is just not working right...I had an NST in the labor and delivery department at St. V's and things went fantastically. I even saw a teeny braxton hicks contraction on the tracing...which I haven't seen before. That was too exciting.
Today Josh has a very big big training going on at work that he has to be at for the day, but after today we are on the "get this baby out" bandwagon....I would prefer to go early by myself than to be induced next week. If nothing happens and I go into the week of my actual due date, well I will be sad but it will be ok. My OB will be going on vacation. Probably mentioned that, but it makes me sad that the doctor that I have seen almost every appointment since before I got pregnant may not be the person who will deliver our baby. I know I know, I should have known that would happen, but it still makes me kind of sad...haha
I found a pack and play that I LOVE, and of course, it is not available at Babies R Us. I put my name in for one when they get more in a shipment, but of course, they have no idea when they will get more in.....so frustrating. It will be nice to have a small baby station in the downstairs for when the weather is really hot, because the lower level of our house is much much cooler than the upper level.
Anyway, that is all for now, I will be sure to keep everyone updated on whats going on, as we wind down and get ready to welcome Joshua Jr!!!!

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