Tuesday, May 12, 2009

36 weeks

So here, on time, are my 36 week pictures!! You can all hold your applause. LOL
I am starting to feel really exhausted and uncomfortable, but I know that we are in the home stretch and soon I will get to see the reward for all the hard work from the past 9 (10) months. Josh Jr. will be here very soon, and Josh and I are feeling pretty excited, overwhelmed, and slightly unprepared.
Monday I had another doctors appointment, NST went well, baby was ridiculously mobile....and has yet to really settle down since (LOL). I also was tested for Group B Strep. Everyone talks about how bad the test is, but seriously it's nothing. I am sure I will find out what the results of that on thursday.
I found out early on that Josh's insurance covered a pump fully, either one personal pump during a lifetime, or covers a rental. I opted for the personal pump going on the idea that more children will be in my future and who knows what time will bring to us....perhaps some job opportunity or going to school, and having a pump at my disposal anytime seemed like the right solution. However, after I received the script from the doctor I took it to a medical supply place, they gave me the run around with it. Today Josh and I went back with the script altered with a diagnosis code by my doctor, armed with the reassurance that it was covered, and no reason why it should not be filled by the med supply place. They tried to give me the run around again, so I told them I spoke to the insurance company and was assured it would be covered, and I could get it before the birth. They were unhappy about having to call and get the info, but they did, and I walked out with an Ameda Purely Yours Double pump with carrying bag. Moral of the story: Know your insurance it can save you money, and be aggressive if you are getting the run-around...Seriously I love it when I am right! Now the hard part, getting the accessories...it is a good pump but not readily sold at most retail places.
I am getting so excited! (did I mention this already?) My mom took me to a resale shop and bought a travel swing for me. I really wanted a full size, but after thinking about it, a travel swing is really much more appropriate for us. We can take it up and down the stairs, and it will fit in the bathroom, allowing for fast showers. There are only a few more things that I would like to get before little Josh gets here, and I am hoping that we will be able to get them. It may take some thinking and scheming, but I am sure it will happen.


Carrie said...

How did you go about finding out if your insurance covers something like that?

Shannon A. said...

Josh heard from a coworker that when his wife had her first child she got a breast pump through the insurance company. So I called the insurance company phone number on the back of the card and asked them about it. They said that it was covered, one personal pump a lifetime or coverage of a rental pump. Easy peasy!