Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am a total slacker.

I know I know there have been very few updates thus far. Its not that I dont want to do them, I am just super busy and always forget to get my picture taken...haha. I am switching my due date ticker to June 9th, so that means I am over 35 weeks as of tuesday. So I will try to get a 35 week picture tonight and post it tomorrow. I also have some really good pictures of my shower on Sunday, and perhaps if I can get things organized, a picture of the nursery more completed. Things are looking good for us. We were able to go out and get some more things that I felt were kind of necessities for the baby. More onesies and sleepers. I would like to get a couple more little outfits, but I am feeling that those things will be secondary until we get a good handle on the basic baby care stuff.
I promise to update again tomorrow, I have another doctors appointment and I will fill in with that stuff look for another update of some sort tomorrow!!

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