Thursday, May 7, 2009

35 weeks

Here finally is a picture for you all.

I had a doctors appointment this morning and my MIL was 15 minutes late picking me up, then there was an accident on 475, and we got stuck in traffic. I was already kind of worked up about that when I went in to my doctors appointment. The ultrasound tech was running behind schedule. So they take me back for my NST. No big deal, I get all set up and the baby does not respond. I had no accellerations in the heartbeat, no really good movement. So they keep me on for another 20 minutes, make me drink loads of ice water and still nothing. By now I am starting to panic just a little. I was going to have a Biophysical Profile anyway, but I had to wait some more for the tech, and my doctor came in to talk with me. She assured me that she thought the NST looked ok, just needed to be sure with the BPP. So I get in finally to do the ultrasound, and he just did not want to move. She saw all the other indicators the practice breathing and stuff, but he just was not for moving. Finally we jiggled my belly where his feet were and he moved enough for me to pass the dang BPP. I was soo worried something was wrong.
She also did a growth check on him, and he weighs 5lbs. 14oz. He seems to be slowing down in the growing department, and I think he will be a long baby.
If you haven't noticed I have said he....and I will finally say it in the blog, that Josh and I are expecting Joshua Jr. I am super excited!
I will post another blog about my shower from last weekend, and lots of cute pictures. Until then, happy reading!

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Jessica said...

How exciting that you are having a boy! I have one of each, but my son is definitely a Momma's boy. Congrats!