Friday, May 29, 2009


Well after I failed my BPP (J2 just did NOT want to move around at all) they hook me up to the NST, and by the skin of my teeth get three accellerations during the last few minutes of the test. I just barely passed that part. So I am on edge a little bit, but really wondering whats going on, and if I am making progress. After waiting forever for the doctor to come in she checks me (OMFG, that was so not cool) she tells me I am maybe a fingertip but that my cervix is way curled up behind my pubic as of this point, little progress is made.

They did do a growth U/S and he is estimated at 7lbs 15 oz, but who really knows. That is the 77%ile though. I just wish I had more progress...I am getting tired of being pregnant...LOL

Oh, then, they figure out I have no more appointments scheduled, and they should have done this weeks ago. There was no way in knowing when I will go into labor, they should have been scheduled and then cancelled if I didnt need to go in. So I have Mondays appointment scheduled, but Thursday I will probably end up sitting around all morning waiting to be fit in for the ultrasound part of my NST. They are booked solid all morning. I told them do not be surprised if I order in pizza for myself..haha

It has been quite a morning, so to calm me down, DH, MIL and I went for some retail therapy. I helped MIL pick out a baby shower gift, and we bought a couple small odds and ends for the baby...some of those clingy window shade things for the car, some hooks for the back of the stroller, and some batteries for the bouncer and travel swing.

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